• Jade Daisy is my favorite soap and lip balm - these have become my daily luxuries!  The soap is great in the shower, every scent smells amazing and some even look like pieces of art.  Since discovering the lip balm (rose is my personal favorite choice) I haven't used anything else.  I also give these as gifts, which are among favorites for my friends and family!

    Carol ~ Newport Coast, California

  • Just wanted to let you know how much I love your soap!  It is the most efficient, beautiful soap I've used in a very long time.  The scent STILL lingers in my bathroom;  I love that-  and that's rare.  It is the Perfect size and shape, and it lasts.  I would describe it as elegant and luxurious. 

    Tami ~ California

  • I love, love, love Jade Daisy soaps and lip balms!  The soap smells awesome and feels great on my skin, I even use it for shaving!  I love knowing that there's only pure and wholesome ingredients going on my skin.

    George ~ Costa Mesa, California

  • I love Jade Daisy soap! The minute I smell it I am transported from my suburban bathroom to a luxury spa. When I run out and must use another soap I can feel the difference it makes on my skin. I also admit that I move the bar so my husband can't use it (is that wrong?). I also love that each bar is cut from hand made batches and made with the finest essential oils without any chemicals or harsh ingredients.  It truly is one of my little pleasures.

    Kim ~ Huntington Beach, California

  • Jade Daisy soaps and perfumes are intoxicating.  From the minute you receive them and unwrap them.  The quality of the ingredients can be felt and inhaled.  The generous size soaps are gentle on my skin leaving me feeling moisturized with a faint scent of a delicate flower.

    Sophie ~ Costa Mesa, California

  • Gypsy delivers a rich tapestry of intriguing fragrance that evokes pleasant memories - warm Caribbean breezes, spicy Indian villages, damp Costa Rican rainforests.  It is earthy and sensual, yet subtle.  I love it!

    Carla ~ Friendswood, Texas

  • After using Jade Daisy products for a year, I decided to buy a custom flat of soaps for our AirBnB in the Eastern Sierra Mountains. Stacey created a blend that not only matched the tile of our bathroom but included ingredients perfectly suited for our dry climate. Our first 100 guests received a bar of soap and were absolutely thrilled and delighted by the soap's feel and scent and impressed with Stacey's knowledgeable background. We also cannot live without Jade Daisy emollient and healing lip balms here in the cold, arid mountains. 
    One of the things I admire most about Jade Daisy, in addition to her exquisite packaging, is the dedication Stacey has invested in the art and history of perfumery. I have such faith and respect for Stacey based on her thoughtful testing and accumulation of 300 natural scents. Jade Daisy products are an absolute treasure.

    Jamie ~ Crowley Lake, California

  • When I opened the box from Jade Daisy the most amazing scents wafted out of it.  I can only describe the scents as feeling of peace and relaxation.  The soaps smell incredible.  The lip balms are my absolute favorite!  They are very moisturizing and last a long time.

    Erin ~ Skokie, Illinois