Perfume Workshops

When I began teaching out of my own studio in 2013, I wanted to bring an artisanal approach to each perfume class, and in doing so honor my mentor, Mandy Aftel’s methods. Experiencing the materials as you learn to blend includes seeing the differences in color and texture of the natural materials, from a drop of blood orange essential oil versus jasmine absolute versus blonde tobacco, and smelling the character and detail of each by itself. The outcome of each student’s perfume reflects these nuances, as well as the scents they’re drawn to in the blending itself. I have developed course materials over time to guide students through the process, and to provide a foundational understanding of and appreciation for the materials and the consequence of each step, or layer, in blending perfume.
Perfume Workshops are a perfect and unique way to spend time relaxing with your closest friends or making new ones.  They are also great gatherings for special events, from bridal showers to corporate team building.