Bespoke Parties

Jade Daisy perfume parties are a fun and unique experience to bring to any event. No matter if your special gathering is a bridal shower, corporate event or time relaxing with your closest friends. Your guests are sure to have a fun and unique experience working hands-on with the gorgeous palette of natural materials sourced from around the world.
During your hands-on perfume party:
~ You and your guests will indulge your senses in the exquisite palette of 18 natural essences.  Smelling each essence on scent strips and take personal notes in your Essence Study Guides.
~ After the interactive smelling session, you will narrow down the essences you would like to use in your own bespoke perfume and start blending drop by drop in your beaker.
~ During the hands-on blending session, you and your guests will create your own signature scent by following the step-by step Blending Journal. You can jot down your formula there for future use!
~ Next, Stacey will pour everyone’s final blend into their personal perfume spray bottle to take home along with their essence study guide and blending journal with the formula created – but most of all you and your guests will leave with new and lasting scent memories created at your special event.